Student Hiring

Graduate & Undergraduate

The BSC processes all graduate and undergraduate student appointments. The process is similar to Faculty and Staff hiring, however, the ASC Undergraduate Student Offer Letter, or Graduate Associate Appointment document will be used. 

Using the HR Action tool (HRA) request on the HIRE panel and attach the following:
  • ASC Undergraduate Student Offer  - Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Associate Appointment document - Graduate Students
BSC will hire all graduate and undergraduate students, including Federal Work Study student workers. This includes hires, re-hires, transfers and concurrent appointments. Initial Hiring documentation is due to ASC Business Services at least 8 business days prior to the effective date.
The Payroll Calendar can be found at:
We will be asking that student workers complete their Form I-9 on or prior to their start date. All I-9 guidelines apply. Anyone unable to provide appropriate documentation within 3 business days of their hire date will be terminated until they can produce the appropriate documents. Please make sure to communicate this to your hiring managers. In the event an individual is unable to meet the I-9 deadlines your Business Services rep will communicate this with you and copy the supervisor.
The BSC will E-Verify all new employees.  For more information, please refer visit the OSU E-Verify website;
Please refer to the I-9 Handbook for Employers available at:
The BSC will conduct student hiring orientations multiple times each week
 to process student hiring paperwork. Students must RSVP directly to BSC HR contact to reserve a seat. Individual meeting times can be arranged if needed. Large hiring group orientations can be arranged at your work location if needed. Such meetings must be pre-scheduled, and students will be contacted by BSC to bring ID to the meeting.
The BSC contacts the student twice via e-mail, then copies the HRP and supervisor on the third email contact. If one month has passed without a response from the student, the HRA will be canceled and the HRP and supervisor will be notified. If the student reports to the department at a later date, the department will need to submit a new HRA to begin the hire process again. The documentation must include an updated hire date, and updated signature dates. As with any hire, the student should not start working until their orientation session (including completion of the I-9 form when necessary) is done.
The BSC will complete all hiring documentation and provide student worker with Direct Deposit and Pay date information. In the event of a rehire within the department, the BSC will request that HR Department Contacts review and confirm that the student's personnel file is complete and compliant. In the event of a transfer, the BSC will request the original form I-9 from the previous department and send originals to hiring department.
Students will not be hired if proper identification/employment eligibility has not been provided to the BSC on or prior to their start date. Photocopied identification documents are not acceptable.

The BSC will investigate concurrent position FTE’s and ask students if they will continue employment when necessary.
  •  If Yes, BSC HRP will contact home department and ask if hours can be reduced to accommodate concurrent position.
  • If No, BSC HRP will contact hiring department and relay the information and remove student from hiring list.
Graduate Fee Authorizations will be processed with the JED provided with the HRA unless otherwise noted. If other student fees are paid by the department in addition to the automatic fees a separate HRA initiated on the OTHER panel must be submitted to request the fees be applied. 
To request a student termination the Dept. HRP initiate an HRA using the Termination panel. 
BSC will enter the end of employment row in PeopleSoft and complete the HRA. 
Department HR Contact is responsible for activation/deactivation of IT Access, email, keys or Buck ID. The Department HR Contact is responsible for maintaining the original documentation according to OHR Policy 1.20 Personnel Records:
In the event insufficient or incomplete information is submitted, Business Services HR will contact you by sending a notification from HRA requesting additional information needed. This may result in delay of your hire.

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